Rewrite Update

Kwizera is coming along nicely.  25,000 words and counting (as of 2/7/10 – 35,700).  I decided to start the story much earlier than in the original version.  Writing new stuff was easier than refining the old manuscript to fit the new plot. 

One friend described what I’m doing as mining the old manuscript for the appropriate details and bits of dialogue for the new manuscript.  That’s a nicer image than the massive dumping that’s going on of all the old stuff that can’t be used in the new version.  It’s really more like strip mining.  Yuck.

But I’m plodding along and hope to finish this draft well before the end of the month.  Hopefully the result will be interesting to American teens, saleable and true to the people I meant to honor.

Then I wonder how difficult it will be to go back to the Sophie manuscript and revise.  Good thing I compiled that list of online revision resources.


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  1. Elizabeth

    Goodness, writing is quite a process. Glad to hear it is coming along. Can’t wait to read Kwizera!

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