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Young Reader Update

I just had an interesting conversation with my son’s teacher.  He is no longer at the reading level equivalent to the middle of second grade.  He is now reading at a fourth grade level.  4th grade!

So, not only does he get to move up to the purple bins tomorrow (yeah, more Junie B.!), but he’ll blow through those purple bins in no time, because he is already ahead of that level.

My husband and I, both big readers, are so proud of him and his reading explosion.

Yesterday I helped in his classroom and one boy was talking about reading Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, and another was talking about being up to the third Harry Potter.  I guess my little guy will be joining them as soon as he gets interested in Percy Jackson and Harry Potter. 

Hmm.  Not sure how I feel about that.  I am a fan of the Harry Potter series.  I enjoyed those books immensely.  But I’m a grown up.  And just because he can read them, doesn’t mean he should.

So there’s my answer.  He is only 6.  He has plenty of time to discover the books his dad and I and his older cousins have enjoyed these past few years.  And there will be more great books for him to enjoy when he’s 8 and 10 and 15.

As a writer, and a follower of this industry, I know he’ll never be without a book.  And as his mother, I’m sure he’ll never want to be without one.


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