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New year…

New year, new work, new goals.

I thought I would take this opportunity to update you, my adoring and avid public.

The Transparents – I am considering rewriting this for YA.  I have realized that there is too much internal dialogue and thought process, and not enough action, for MG.  I could still change my mind and make this work as MG, which would be lots of fun.

The Tzohar Legacy – I have editing notes to apply when I have time.

Kwizera Means Hope – I received some wonderful feedback from two editors late last year, which has led to much soul-searching.  I am in the process of rethinking the plot in preparation for rewriting the manuscript.  The story of Rwanda’s people rebuilding their lives after the genocide deserves to be told, and it is my responsibility to find the right way to do that.

Sophie and the Medallion of Time – I finished the first draft just before the start of the new year. It is sitting and steeping to allow me to get some distance from it before I revise.

I have several blog posts in the works, as well.  I have gathered some online resources for revising and synopsis-writing that I will share in the next few weeks.  I plan to update you on my older son’s journey to becoming a proficient reader.  I still have plenty to share about my time in Rwanda, and I will eventually share some of my experiences in France, in preparation to query Sophie.

Onward and upward.  Join me by following your dream in 2010 (and posting about your journey in the comments section).


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