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It’s only those who give up that always, without a doubt, fail.

This quote is from Lindsay Eland whose first book, the middle grade Scones and Sensibility, comes out on December 22, 2009.

Thanks to the QueryTracker blog (again) for this inspiration.

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Query Holiday 2009

Last year at this time I posted about a certain agency giving us writers a query holiday for a month, which involved sending a portion of a manuscript to them without the query letter step. That agency has since gone out of business. I am not implying that one had anything to do with the other.

This year, I’m taking a query holiday. I will patiently wait to hear back about any open queries, but I will not send out anything new until the new year. New year, fresh start. Not to mention the lighter stress during the holidays, more time to concentrate on WIP (first draft completion is now in sight), and more time to play with the boys and their new toys.

Join me in this query-free holiday season, or tell me why you think this is the perfect time to query in the comments.

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More writerly advice

Thanks to the Query Tracker blog for these 7 Characteristics You Need to Get Published .

This article reminded me of important qualities – some I have and some I’m working on – to cultivate in my journey to publication. What other qualities do you think are important for an aspiring writer? Please share in the comments.

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