#1 Piece of Advice for Writers

Okay, all you new and aspiring writers out there:  If you really want to write for public consumption, you need to be part of a critique group.  At least one.

My critiquing friends keep me motivated, help me write to a deadline, and point out those errors that I’m too close to the manuscript to see for myself.  Sometimes they point out things I know are a problem and just haven’t fixed.  They nudge me in the right direction.  The insight of others is such a help.

And reading the work of others is a great way to learn the necessary skills.  Learning to look for pacing issues or plot holes or rhythm, grammar, dialogue, emotional impact, etc., has made me a better writer.

They are sounding boards for potential new ideas.  They are a cheering section to help me finish a manuscript or when I’ve received a rejection.

So now I’d like to publicly thank Gail, Eric, Kristen, Suzanne, Cynde, Tamara, Laura and Madeline for being there.  You know who you are and you rock!

For a solitary endeavor, it sure takes a lot of people to succeed!


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