Continued Love for a Book

The new school year has begun and my brand-spanking-new reader is in a new grade with a new teacher and a new reading program. 

He is supposed to read for at least ten minutes every day.  He gets to choose two books to bring home each night to read to us.  We record the time spent and the book titles on a daily log.  And we get to include our input – whether we find the books too hard or too easy or anything else we want the teacher to know about his reading.

His teacher explained to us that the new program is designed to develop life-long readers, as well as giving him the practice he needs for his reading to improve.

One of the really neat things is that now he is excited to read to us again.  And to read from books that over the summer he thought too hard for him.  But since his teacher says these books are at his level, he’s more than willing to give them a try.

Long live life-long readers!  Long live books!  Long live first grade teachers (and all teachers)!


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