In response to my own recent post On Pursuing the Dream, I now offer the QueryTracker blog’s post Overcoming Self-Doubt.

This was exactly what I needed to read at the time I was inspired to write my post. (I don’t want to get into what temporarily brought me low. Suffice it to say, this is a subjective business and I still believe in myself.) Luckily, I intuitively knew how to get over my self-doubts (with a little help from my friends). I channeled my annoyance into my writing. I talked to my critique group friends. I wrote about my dream, I tweaked my query letter (again), and I threw myself into my new WIP.

Don’t let writer’s block, or self-doubts, or negativity from friends, family or agents get you down. Soar above the doubts. Leave them behind through hard work, perseverance, and good friends. Pursue the dream.


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