On Pursuing the Dream

I have been writing, in some form or another, my whole life.  All through school, into college and even grad school, I wrote poetry, short fiction and started one novel.  In Rwanda I kept a journal at the beginning and wrote a series of erotic stories toward the end.

I have been writing for children, with the goal of publication, for five years now.  In that time I have worked on countless short stories and articles, and completed three middle grade manuscripts and one young adult manuscript.  I am working on a new young adult manuscript (as we speak, so to speak).

Since nothing has yet been published, I must ask myself:  am I any good?

I have to believe in myself.  So I do.

New writers are told to do certain things.  I participate in two critique groups to get feedback from my peers.  They are amazing, talented writers, some with agents, a couple published in print or online.  They keep me inspired and working.  They keep my spirits up when they flail, and also help me keep my expectations in line.

Online I follow industry newsletters and blogs, and work on my platform.  I read everything I can get my hands on.  I attend conferences, to meet and learn from industry bigwigs.  And I keep on writing.

I keep writing, despite any outward sign that I’m doing the right thing, any indication of my talent.  And I keep querying agents, with very little encouragement or constructive criticism.

No matter what, I have to write.  These stories fill my head and I have to get them out.  Someday I hope you’ll know them, too.

Thanks for joining me on the ride.


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