Body Language & Dialogue Cues

I am currently taking an online course by Margie Lawson ( on writing body language and dialogue cues.  Wow!

I never realized how many head nods and bland smiles I use in writing.  But now I’m learning a whole new arsenal and it’s so exciting.

For example, which seems more powerful to you:

Original:  She grinned.  “Yes.  She arrives today.  An American woman.  It’s very exciting.”

Rewrite:  Her face split open up in a grin, as if she couldn’t contain the feeling any longer.  “Yes.  She arrives today.  An American woman.  It’s very exciting.”

Now I have a whole new vocabulary – dialogue cues (tell the reader how dialogue is delivered), proxemics (spacial relationships between characters), kinesics (body language), backloading (putting a power word at the end of a sentence, paragraph, scene or chapter).  Just a few examples (in an asyndetonic list, no less).  I don’t want to give away all of Margie’s secrets!

The online courses are offered at a reasonable price, and her lecture packets can be purchased for even less.

To add psychological power and emotional impact to your writing, check this out!



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2 responses to “Body Language & Dialogue Cues

  1. Elizabeth Putnam

    Yes, I definitely have more of a picture in my head reading your rewrite sentence. I can see the sparkle in the character’s eyes from her smile. (Which is funny, since I don’t know anything else about the character, but I can somehow picture her smile nonetheless!) The sentence certainly gave me more to go on. Sounds like a great course!

  2. I enjoyed taking this class with you! It will move our critiquing up, not just one notch, but a whole ladder full of notches!

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