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Query Tracker Carnival

Copy the graphic above to your own site to be entered into a drawing for a free custom website from  Just post your link and real name in the comment box below or email it to elanajohnson (at) querytracker (dot) net.


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Spring has sprung and a new project is in the air!

I thought Kwizera was ready to go, then I posted the first 250 words on a blog contest.  Wow!  Some comments were really out there (a child leaving school to help her family is a sci-fi/fantasy cliche?); some were constructive. 

A few days to process the “info dump” has helped and now I actually look forward to re-writing the beginning – not revising, re-writing.  First, I will take a class on non-verbal expression for writers.  Then I will re-write the beginning of Kwizera with new knowledge in my brain.

In the meantime my new WIP (work in progress, for my non-writing friends) is coming along nicely.  All I can say for now is that it is part historical, part coming of age, with a mysterious fantasy-related twist.  I will explore  mother-daughter relationships, independence, entitlement, and anti-Semitism.


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