New idea

A new idea has sprung – no, pirouetted – into my head thanks, in part, to being courted by a dance company.  Can you guess?  Obviously it has to do with dance. 

I haven’t worked out all the details yet.  Some sort of mystery to be solved by a girl who loves to dance.  Or maybe by a girl who knows nothing about dance and learns along the way.

Until recently, I just didn’t want to focus on any new ideas since I have four unpublished manuscripts on my computer.  Sometimes I feel that the advice to keep on writing is great.  You can’t worry too much about what’s happening once a manuscript is out of your hands, if you’re busy with a new project.

But, I also sometimes feel that I just need to focus on those first four projects.  Transparents is with two editors.  Genie is with an editor.  Kwizera is with an editor (and being critiqued, chapter by chapter, month by month, by my critique groups).  Tzohar sits, alone and unwanted for now.  It lost its place in the critique queue.  And it isn’t ready to be submitted.

It doesn’t seem fair to Tzohar to write something new and push its critique place back even further.  Right?  Okay, I know that’s silly.

The real reason I haven’t started writing something new is that I’m overwhelmed by everything else in my life.  One child started Kindergarten this week.  The other started preschool.  I’m still figuring out the dance thing.  I’m planning the new semester of French.  And I’m trying to have a good jewelry season.  Among other things.

Next week will be better.  Next week I’ll breathe, and think…and write.


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